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We got over 100 pages with the most popular and important facts usefull for you who want to learn more about SEO – explaining the myths and various examples and maybe raise your revenues.
SEO goes hand in hand with availability and use-friendly webdesign.
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Why should i learn SEO?

SEO has been shown to be the most effective way to spread your website on the internet. There is cases where companys has doubled their profits after a SEO makover on their website. As an internet marketing strategy SEO considers how search engines work which means that the more you work with your SEO the more people can find your website in the search results when they search for a specific phrase or a keyword related to your website. Get started now:
What is SEO?
How Google value links
Google PageRank
Domain Names
Quality Content

SEO myths & facts

There are two ways to get ahead of the competition. Either you establish yourself as a better option. Or you prove your rival to be worse. The same goes with SEO, at least as far as the concept of negative SEO or anti-SEO has been making the rounds on the web. Even today, negative SEO is a matter for important concern for many website publishers or online businesses...

From Rank to Revenue

08-08-2013 - Posted by Jim Yu As the world of search evolves and the SEO industry matures, marketers face both a ranking challenge and a revenue opportunity. Not only have the search engine algorithms changed, but the consumer and the digital and marketing mindset has shifted. The fragmentation of SERP results and convergence of search, social, and content marketing means marketers must become adaptive to new ways of measuring SEO and earned media performance...

Google Releases Seven Videos On Typical Manual Spam Actions

08-08-2013 - Posted by Barry Schwartz Earlier today, Google launched manual spam actions to Google Webmaster Tools where you can see if your site currently has a manual spam action.
To help those who have received some of these manual action notifications, Google created seven videos for the most common manual action notifications...

Did you know that...

Around 42% of visitors click on the #1 spot on Google search results?
Isn't that staggering? 12% click on #2 and 8.5% on #3.
This reduces in increments all the way down to only 3% clicking on #10.

The difference can be as drastic as having 2 million clicks on the #1 position and only 147,000 on the #10 position. A BIG difference. By getting to #1, you increase your traffic for that keyword 1,400%. But even jumping from #8 to #3 can TRIPLE your traffic. A powerful backlinking campaign will get you there. Imagine the sort of money you could be making if you were #1 on Google all of your websites competitive keywords!

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